Where can I get a good meal?


It’s 6:30. You’ve had a hard day. Your hotel room is nothing fancy, but it’s clean and quiet and the mattress is comfortable. You need to review your notes for your meeting tomorrow, but first you want to eat—after a day during which you had no time for breakfast and only an airline sandwich for lunch, you’re famished. But how do you find a decent meal in a city you’ve never visited before?

Or maybe you’re traveling with your children. They ate too much junk food at the theme park and they’d gladly eat pizza again for dinner, but you’d like to find a nice family restaurant where you can order something less fattening. There’s a phone book in your motel room but that doesn’t tell you what you want to know, which is Where in this city can I feed two adults and two ravenous kids for under $50.

Or maybe you want to take your client to lunch. He’s old enough to be your father and you think he thinks you’re wet behind the ears. You’ve never been to Boston before, but you don’t want him to realize that this is your first trip. Where can you take him that will impress him with your savoir faire and allow you to close your deal?

Where The Locals Eat were the first guides which answered these questions—our first edition published nearly 20 years ago. Today, there are other restaurant guides, but most of them don’t take into account that people travel to cities smaller than New York and Los Angeles. Others are geared more toward the gourmet in search of the ultimate farm-to-table experience than the average traveler caught in Detroit overnight. And, whatever they say, those “crowd-sourcing” sites are no more useful than the Yellow Pages, with half the amateur critics awarding 5 stars and the other half one star…to the same restaurant. How is this helpful?

We believe that Where The Locals Eat is still the most reliable restaurant guide on the market. Our staff of researchers and food writers continue to scour the country for the best restaurants, both in big cities and small towns. They research the local media, including readers and editor polls, conduct direct mail surveys, read local food blogs, and visit restaurants across the country.

Over 20 years the publishing industry has changed, and so have we. In 2008 we launched LocalEats, a mobile version of our books. The LocalEats app for iOS and Android continues to be one of the top dining and travel apps.

We hope you continue to enjoy using Where The Locals Eat and LocalEats. Happy trails and bon appetit!